A Fresh Start!

Hey, I hope that you are having a lovely day or night!

Ok, lately I have realised that I haven’t really been keeping my blogs consistent and I have been procrastinating….. ALOT! 

So I would just like to clear something up. I am sorry (in advance) if I don’t put up a blog as often as others (and as what I want) but I hope that you don’t mind as I do have school, family and a LIFE šŸ˜‚ but I will upload when, I guess, I have something exiting to write about or if I have the time and I will DEFINITELY try to upload more than what I have done! 

I would really like to know what you want me to write about or ask me questions so I can answer them in a blog! I will absolutely be posting lots more and maybe I could even show you some of my speech work for my english class…. I mean I have got to atleast TRY to make homework and classwork more fun! 

So here is to a fresh start! 

Oh and don’t worry I will try to think of another word other than SO to start my sentences because it’s even annoying me! Please teach me some other sentence openers šŸ˜‚! 

Hope you liked this, you know the drill (like, follow and comment… if you forgot haha!).

Lots of love xxx 

Elepher xxxx


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