Being yourself.

Hi people and I hope that you are having a lovely day or night ❤

So lately I have been trying to find, myself…. 

(Hense why I haven’t uploaded!)

As you may or may not know (I don’t know if I put it in a blog or not haha) that i’m kind of, shy and 24/7 I am told that I should “try and talk more” etc. Anyone who is like me knows that this is the WORST thing you could EVER say to someone who is quite quiet! 

But after the many nights of, lets just say, wallowing and thinking and anything else a saddo would do 😂 (and by many nights I mean, I guess it took me years!) I began to realise that it doesn’t matter if you are “socially awkward” and “shy” around people you don’t know aaannd sometimes people you do know. That’s what makes ME and YOU unique! You know one quote always runs through my mind and it’s:

There is only ONE of you in the ENTIRE world! Be yourself! 🌹💫

And yes it’s hard sometimes but NEVER get yourself down, EVER! 

You are absolutely amazing… more than amazing! You are you and never let anyone tell you different! 

Something I learned over the past few weeks was that you should never let one bad comment ruin your day! I did and I realised that doing that is the worst thing to do. I mean who are they to judge you and tell you WHAT you are. 

So I hope this helped you and if it did please leave me a like and comment 🙂 

Remember, I love you…. someone loves you in the world and that is enough to put a smile on anyones face. 

Please follow me for more blogs like this! 

Lots of love xxxx

Elepher xxxxx


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