My Overnight Skin-Care Routine 2017!

Hi, I hope you are having a lovely day or night ❤

Today I thought that I would do an overnight skin-care routine blog for 2017!

At the moment my skin has been pretty… well… SPOTTY… and I REALLY needed to sort it out! I had a look and found some products (from The Skin System, The Body Shop and Simple) that I have been really loving and have really helped with my skin!

Obviously these are just what works for ME and you have to remember that not all of them may work for you 😀

So this is my night routine for 2017…

I start off with the Simple- Kind to skin facial wash. As I have quite oily skin, I find this really refreshing and great for stripping the oily feeling from my face!

Image result for simple face wash

After I use the Simple- Cleansing Lotion and again this is really refreshing but I do find can feel quite oily on your skin for a while but it does really help!

Image result for simple cleansing lotion

Then I use the Simple- Facial Toner, this is really good and I love it…I don’t really know what to say haha… pretty self explanatory 😂💗

Image result for simple toner

Next I go ahead and use the Simple- light moisturiser, this can be quite thick and feel quite, again oily, but it goes away after a few minutes and really helps with my face feeling quite dry and flaky… if you get what I mean XD!

Image result for simple moisturizer

Lastly, I use a thin (or thick, depending on the size of the spot!) layer of The Skin System’s (I can only really find this at ASDA but i’m sure that you can find it from somewhere else too!) Overnight Blemish Serum, with tea tree oil. To use this you apply a small amount over your blemish and leave it in overnight, then wash it off in the morning. This does really help minimise your spots and its redness by the morning but not drastically, as you will have to use a couple of times for them to go completely (MY experience, so might not be the same for you)!

Image result for asda overnight blemish serum


Once every 1 or 2 weeks, I will use the Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips… and these are AMAZING!! Also if you LOVE the satisfying pore videos on insagram… YOU WILL LOVVVEE THESE!! HAHAHAHAHA! But these really do help!

Image result for biore charcoal strips

Well thank you for reading and if you have any suggestions or you want to share your Skin-care routine let me know in the comments!

If you enjoyed this or this helped you in any way, leave a me a like and it would be great if you gave me a follow!

Loads of love xxxx

Elepher xxxxx


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