Hi people and I hope you are having a lovely day or night ❤

Yes it is finally half term (or at least it is for me lol) and I thought I would do write a blog post today because I have a week off…. sooo yeah!

I am currently on a drive over to a hospital for my brother because he had an operation on his foot so we are going to get the bandage checked. Speaking of road trips, what’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being in a car for several hours? let me know in the comments, my favourite thing about it is probably stopping off at the services (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a site where you stop and there’s loads of shops and obviously a place to go to the toilet etc…. they are really nice haha… Google it because I know my explanation isn’t the best XD!) aaannd the worst thing about going on a long drive is when your butt goes numb and you cant feel your legs… I mean the majority of us and relate haha!

While i’m writing this I am listening to music lol, I think my favourite song at the moment is Call on me, the Ryan Riback remix but I am listening to You don’t know me by Jax Jones, which i’m also currently obsessed with! What’s your fav song atm?

So it’s Valentines day tomorrow (literally just a day for companies to get more money but that’s none of my business hahaha!) i’m a single pringle so just gonna stay in and watch some films lol!

OMG new song update…. I LOVE the new song, Everyday by Ariana Grande!!!!! XD ❤

Anyway, what you doing this week? I’m probs doing nothing but relaxing haha!

Let me know and please like and follow for more!

Also if you haven’t already, go and have a look at my blog from Saturday (11th of Feb) I really enjoyed writing it… I know it’s not the best but I hope you like it!

have a great week! Happy Valentines day and Half Term, if you have one this week!

Lots of love xxxx

Elepher xxxxx


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