10 Things I Want To Achieve In My 2017!

Hi, I hope you are having a lovely day or night!

So today (as you have probably seen from the title haha!) I thought that I would write a post about what I would like to achieve in my 2017 and maybe even motivate you to do things that will make your 2017 even better!

This isn’t a ‘New Year New Me’ post trust me… we all know that this is the one quote we say on the 1st of Jan buuutt we never really stick to them and we sort of ‘forget’ about them the next day LOL…. it’s like a vicious cycle hahah!

So I have come up with a list of 10 goals I would like to meet this year:

  1. First things first, I would love to grow a family on my blog! I think I have always wanted to be able to talk to just sit down on my laptop/phone (I can use both!) and just talk to you about how i’m feeling and help others with how their feeling! I don’t know I just think it’s great to know you have someone to talk to and hopefully you can talk to me too 😀
  2. I need to be more organised! For some people this may sound pretty easy but…. well i’m not that organised lol!
  3. I am going to try to spend more time with friends and family! Pretty self explanatory!
  5. Try as best as I can to keep up on school work and always make time for revision (Which, by the way, I am not very good at! So far I think I am working very well to do this and I hope to keep it up!
  6. To be more positive!
  7. Keep Practising Buddhism (I will talk about this in another blog) xxxx
  8. Take up a new hobbies that I enjoy!
  9. Always be there to help others… even if you just let them know that you are always there for them whether it be for a chat or just a shoulder to cry on! xx
  10. Last but NOT least, Do more of what make you happy! WHATEVER IT IS!! as long as it makes you happy xx

Let me know what your goal for the new year are in the comments below xx

Please leave me like if you enjoyed and I would LOVE IT if you were to follow me for more blogs!!

Lots of love xx

Elepher xxxxx


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